Fanhai Ship Machinery (Shenyang) Co.,Ltd.
(Original:Shenyang Fanhai Machinery Co.,Ltd.)
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Address:No.15-17, hunnan east road, hunnan new district,Shenyang, Liaoning, China

Zip code:110169

Tel:+86 24-24699917

Fax:+86 24-24699918


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Fanhai Ship Machinery (Shenyang) Co.,Ltd. locates at the largest heavy industry base of China-Shenyang Liaoning, which is called “Oriental Ruhr”.At present,our company has more than 80 employees and more than 40 professional production equipment with the advanced checkout equipment.

Our company has advanced production technology and international inspection standard. Our main products include” Stern Tube Bearing”,”Line Shaft Bearing”,”SEAL”and different kinds of Sliding Bearings and Blower Bushes for Steam Turbine. 400 STBs, 450 LSBs and 350 SEALS can be produced per year.They are largely exported to Japan, the products and services are well received and trusted by customers.

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